Since Maui is an island, it is very important to recycle whenever you can. Items that are no longer useful to you can be very helpful to someone else. Check with some of your favorite charitable organizations before throwing out those gently worn or used items.

One of my favorite places is You can post your unwanted items onto this website, and an e-mail is sent to all subscribers. Usually your unwanted item finds a new home within the first day or two.

When cleaning out your clothes closets, package up the ones that no longer fit and call Big Brothers/Big Sisters or Kidney Clothes.

Have you recently made renovations? Take your old appliance to A-1 Recycled Appliances, and your furniture to Habitat For Humanity-Restore.

Graphics Technology  will recycle your household electronics.

Recycle metals at SOS Metals Island Recycling or Reynolds Recycling. Paints and solvents can be taken to Unitek Solvent Services.

And of course, don’t forget about helping our keiki! The Realtor Association of Maui’s Wishing Well Program has been a large success due to all the caring people like you. Please contribute any furniture, books, and school supplies, backpacks, computers, desks, projectors and anything else you have that can help our schools educate our kids. And if you have a few extra dollars, it will help provide lunches for the children who may not otherwise have a meal today. Contact your local realtor to make your donations or arrange for pick up of your items (and I hope you contact me!).

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