Be careful! Your Maui vacation may change your life!

Did you know, Maui is the #1 Island Destination in the entire world? It has been ranked #1 for many years. People from all over the world flock to Maui because…well, I can’t think of a better place to be. Can you? From the perfect climate to the Aloha Spirit – There is no place on earth that compares to Maui. It truly is paradise.

I would like to share with you my experience of moving to Maui. My husband and I had visited the Big Island, Kauai, and Oahu on previous vacations, and always had an extraordinary time. It was a little sad for us when it came time to leave, but we knew we would be back next year. The time came to start planning our next vacation to Hawaii and we decided to “check out” Maui. It almost makes me laugh, how we were making such a casual decision with no idea we were about to change our lives forever.

We arrived on Maui in January. Coming from Colorado it was a refreshing change in climate to say the least. It was perfect! The following year, we vacationed on Maui again. We returned to our home in the mountains of Colorado and talked about moving to Maui. I didn’t know what it was going to take, but I knew we had to live here. We went over the figures, researched exactly what it would take to make this dream come true, and made our “five year plan”.

After following our plan for 2 years, we decided it was time to make the move – ready or not. We returned to Maui and this time we meant business. We were ready to tackle any obstacle that stood in the way of our dream. By the end of our stay, we had a house in escrow and returned to Colorado to prepare for our move.

After that, everything fell into place. One by one our businesses, investment properties, and home in the mountains were sold. We packed up our belongings, prepared our two beautiful dogs for quarantine, and we were off to live our dream.

The quality of life is better here. Additionally, one of our dogs was diagnosed in Colorado with a crippling disease that had progressed to the point where she was barely able to stand up. The veterinarian didn’t think she would live much longer. Since our move to Maui, she is like a spunky little puppy again. Many people have had similar experiences. Some think Maui possesses healing powers, but I know it does.

Now that you know my story, it would be an honor for me to help you make your own. Visit my website, use its tools, and be sure to email me with any questions you may have. My being here is proof that I make dreams come true. When thinking of Maui, always remember, I am here for you.

“Dreams of Paradise Do Come True! Let Me Show You How!”

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