Insurance shopping. How everyone loves it; endless hours comparing various different companies to see which one is cheaper. When the time comes to renew your insurance, the idea probably fills you with dread. However, finding the best home insurance companies in Florida needn’t be a burden. Thankfully, someone has finally stepped up and developed an online tool which helps shoppers find the right insurance for them, at the right price. If you haven’t already heard of it, the tool is called choices and, it is absolutely fabulous.

A Little Help Choosing

The Office of Insurance Regulation has developed the new insurance comparison program like this, to provide customers with valid rate information for a large variety of different types of insurance. The program underlines the importance of shopping for a policy which suits your needs rather than just getting the same insurance as the people who live next door. Although it was originally developed for home insurance, it has now been expanded to include both auto insurance as well as small group health insurance.

It Gets Cleverer

The program is based on three pre-defined potential risk scenarios, which helps provide users with sample average rates in any Florida county. The tool for health insurance is marginally more interactive and allows the user to select from a variety of different options, as well as being able to enter specific criteria before the program calculates the insurance rates for the whole of Florida.

Although the company stresses that all rates provided by the programs are merely illustrative, it does at least provide users with some idea about where they should get their insurance from.

A Very Popular Program

The program is already proving very popular and, Spokeswoman Brittany Perez says that thousands of Floridians are already taking full advantage of the information.

“Consumers can click on their respective county, see what sort of insurance company options are available and they can find the contact information for those companies all in one spot. So they can look between the different choices, compare the different choices and ultimately find the best choice for their homeowners’ insurance coverage.”

Spokeswoman Perez also says homeowners can also see how to earn a property insurance discount for taking certain mitigation measures against hurricanes.

“We have a mitigation form on there that consumers can look at and see what sort of measures they can take to storm-proof their own home and then at the same place they can see all the contact information for home insurance in Florida.”

The program is fast becoming the ‘go-to’ for anyone who is unsure about their insurance, or who just wants to see if their insurance still provides adequate coverage. Due to Florida’s tendency for hurricanes, users can often feel as though finding adequate insurance is impossible. However, it takes into account the geographical location of the user’s home, which helps users to find the right insurance for them without traipsing round various different insurance companies. saves time for users and, we all know that, time is money.

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