What is the GRI?

GRI, which stands for Graduate REALTOR Institute, is a nationally recognized professional real estate designation. GRI is to real estate as CPA is to accounting. This designation is considered the nation’s number one real estate designation and is recognized as the standard for real estate professionalism and knowledge. The GRI designation is available only to members of the local, state and National Association of REALTORS (NAR), and may only be earned after successfully completing a rigorous education program. This program requires 92 hours of live course instruction from a statewide faculty. The faculty is selected because of extensive experience in their own areas of expertise.

Why use a GRI?

  • A GRI has received one of the most comprehensive training programs available today to REALTORS in the nation.
  • A GRI has superior knowledge of real estate marketing and has acquired skills that will set him/her apart from other REALTORS.
  • In today’s competitive business environment a REALTOR needs more than just motivation and initiative to succeed. A GRI has the advantage of the education received in the GRI program.
  • The GRI program is continually refined to provide entry-level and experienced REALTORS with the information that will help them succeed in today’s market.
  • A GRI is knowledgeable in many aspects of Real Estate that allows him/her to overcome obstacles that can jeopardize a transaction.
  • A GRI has access to a large base of referrals.
  • A GRI has demonstrated his/her commitment to professionalism in the real estate industry.

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