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West Maui Mountains


Maui County is fortunate to have reasonable property taxes. If you live in your home or condo full time, you may qualify for a homeowner's exemption which will lower your tax.

Is your home/condo your primary residence? Do you claim this property as your principal residence when filing your Hawaii and Federal tax returns? If your answers to these questions are "yes" you may qualify for the homeowner's exemption which will reduce your tax basis.

If you file the form before December 31st, you will have the exemption applied to your tax basis beginning with July 1st of the following year. If you miss the December 31st deadline, the exemption will not be applied and will be delayed another year until the following year's July 1st. Example 1: Application filed 12/28/2011 - new tax begins 7/1/2012.
Example 2: Application filed 1/2/2012 - new tax begins 7/1/2013.

Here is a link to the county site where you may download the homeowner's exemption form.

Home Exemption Form

Be sure to complete and mail this form in plenty of time for the county to receive the form before the end of the year. One day late and you will miss out on a whole year of the reduced taxes - no exceptions made.

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